‘Nijhum Dwip’ The Best Place To Visit In Noakhali


Nijhum Dwip is a little island under Hatiya upazila. It is arranged in Noakhali District in Bangladesh. When it was called Char Osmani,Baluar Char, Golden Island.

A group of islands (basically, Ballar Char, Kamlar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri) developed in the mid 1950s as an alluvium in the shallow estuary of the Bay of Bengal on the south of Noakhali. These new sandbanks initially drew the notice of a gathering of anglers, who named it Baular Char (truly, the alluvium of sand) later changed into Ballar Char. Possessing a territory of 14,050 sections of land (5,686 hectares), the island is arranged between 21 0 1/to 22 0 6/North scope and 90 0 3/to 91 0 4/East longitude

Transitory Birds in Nijhum Dwip: During winter, a great many transient flying creatures rush in to island. The anglers utilize the breezy and bright land as a perfect place for drying their gets from the ocean. Once in a while a significant number of them likewise develop straw hovels on the island as occasional habitations.

In 1974 the Forest Department took an afforestation program for a span of twenty years in the north side of the island. Covering a region of nine thousand sections of land, it has now formed into a profound woodland with an assortment of plant animal categories. Among the trees Keora is much observed. Other than this Gewa, Kankra, Bain, Babul, Karamja, Pashur and numerous different species are seen.

On 8 April 2001 the legislature announced the 40,390 sections of land (16,345 ha) of woodland of Jahajmara run including 9,550 sections of land (3,865 ha) of backwoods arrive on Nijhum Dwip as a National Park for the security and improvement of the biodiversity of the timberland. Yet, practically speaking, there an extremely sluggish appearance of that assertion.

It was named ‘Nijhum Dwip’ by previous Minister Amirul Islam Kalam in 1979 watching its separation and mellow nature.


Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip


Source : www.wikipedia.com


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