How to Create Google+ Brand Pages for your Blog


How to Create Google+ Brand Pages for your Blog

Google plus pages is a good way to present exposure to your brand on Google plus social networking website.Many of you create an error of treating your personal profile as your brand page, however it’s a wrong approach. you must produce a fanatical Google plus page for your brand (Blog, web site or any other).

In this guide, you’ll be learning to make a Google plus page. Before we start, lets quickly create a page for your brand on Google+.You can check out TechoBd Google+ page here.

brand page

When you produce a page, it works sort of a Google+ profile, wherever you’ll be able to share something as well as pictures and videos. you’ll be able to begin a stamping ground, you’ll be able to add individuals to your circles. solely|the sole} distinction is you’ll be able to add only those those who have added you. This feature goes to be terribly useful in targeting something on your Google+ complete page. for instance, if you’re into services, you’ll be able to add your consumer supported loyalty and keep providing provide supported cluster then on. concepts square measure restricted, however this new follow back feature goes to be terribly helpful for any complete. It’s sensible to possess an inspiration from day one concerning the circles that you may produce for your page. Anyways, let’s get begin along with your initial Google+ page.

Step by step guide to create Google+ Brand Pages

Step 1. Login To  Your Google Plus Account And Go To create page.

brand pageStep 2. Type The Brand Account Name and Click Create .

Brand Page

Step 3. Enable Google+ for your brand By clicking Enable .

brand page

Step 4.  Customize Your Profile By Uploading A Profile Pic And Cover Pic . That’s All.


  • The maximum size of the cover image can be of 2120 x 1192 px
  • The minimum size of the cover image must be more than 480 x 270 pix
  • The size of the profile picture is still of 250 x 250 pix



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